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Status Bot
Providing people with entertaining, meaningless statuses so they can spend their time doing more useful things.Complete with depressing song lyrics and trivial declarations about personal relationships and deeds! See if you can find a status to match your personality! And be sure to let me know if you come up with any really great ones.

Don't waste the prime years of your life coming up with facebook statuses. Though people may think you're witty or somewhat of an individualist in the short term (if that's the look you're going for), in the long run you will merely have whiled away a great portion of your time trying in vain to shape your online persona.

Puzzle Wrap: The Game that has Everybody Poppin'

                                                         Click to start.

Logic, games, and bubble wrap, all combined into one sweet product. Could it get any better? Okay, I admit, it doesn't really look like bubble wrap; that's one thing that could be improved upon.

There are four levels right now-- let me know if you make it past the second. After that, it gets much trickier, and I don't think even I remember the solutions... have at it.

Psychedelic Color Clock

Check it out at 11:59 for the best light show.

Unis: Tetris for Those who Need a Self-Esteem Boost

Cops and Robbers: An Interlocking Chase

Color Version:
Tessellations were made famous by M. C. Escher in his iconic engravings. I worship those drawings, and have tried my hand at a few of them. They're an awesome intersection of math and art-- coming up with them takes lots of trial and error and redrawing and erasing. Changing the curve of one facet means that another curve on another of the pieces will change as well, so getting to a point where you have two things that fit together nicely and actually resemble actual objects (or in this case, people), is pretty time-consuming. Perfect for long plane rides.

Hope you enjoy this one-- drag the red ball to different locations along the bar to change the view of the tessellation in this interlocking chase scene.

Also, check out some of Escher's stuff when you get a chance. It's mind-blowing.

Angry Words

Instruction: click and drag to shoot. The longer you drag the farther the angry words will shoot. If you get the man to cry you will get points.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you've been training for. This is the reason you've been tossing funny-looking birds at even funnier-looking pigs for the last couple months: it was all in preparation for Angry Words. What are "angry words," you might ask-- and I might answer thus: "angry words" are those words you'd want to say to someone if you really wanted to irk them. They leave them feeling uncomfortable and annoyed and all hollow inside.

Now, I'm not saying it'll be easy, but if you're feeling up to it, you can try beating the all-time top score of 89. Let me know if you get there...

Yes, this guy is a dweeb. Yes, he's staring at those weights as if they're about to turn into chickens or something and attack him. But you can help him. Show him the ropes-- click around the scene... make the magic happen. Help him get his beach bod ready.