Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is Love?

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Some time ago I posted a few graphics that were the results of a productive group brainstorm, a brainstorm centered on coming up with "Games for People with Low Self-Esteem and Who Need an Ego-Booster." This was one of the proposals we made:

Use the arrow keys to rotate the shape!
Unis: sometimes less is more.

Well, such an innovative gaming concept shouldn't be relegated to the annals of blogography. I hope that you all enjoy version 1.0 of "Unis: Tetris for People who Need a Self-Esteem Boost." You will notice that it is very hard to not lose, and I hope that in your moments of gloomy despair, this game will once more restore in you that sanguine, empowering feeling that you really are capable of doing at least one thing well. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Columbus' Edge

“Those dummies think the world is flat!”
Cried out Columbus to his crew.
“But we are going to prove them wrong!”
His mates cheered, “Yipdeedoo!”

“For if the world were flat,” he said,
“The oceans would slide off,
And the blue vastness which we sail,
Would be an empty trough!

And if the earth was flat, you know,
My goal would be impossible.
But since I'm planning to be famous,
Failure is implausible.

We’ll rewrite history books!”
He laughed, crazed with excess mirth,
“THE EARTH IS ROUND!” he yelled as his ship
Sailed off the edge of the earth.

Spitting Game

This kind of spitting game will in fact not be of much help in helping you impress the ladies. Not even if you win-- believe me.

Urban Dictionary's definition of "spit game": 
4.spit game

He was spittin his game, but she still wasn't havin him